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Okay, so those of you over at the Yahoo groups will understand this. It's a rant that I have not re-read and that may be illegible in some parts.

So, in the past few days, there has been some...arguing going on over on the CBS boards (mainly Tiva fans (*yuck*) vs. anti-Tiva/anti-Ziva people. I am one of the latter people (Gibbs/DiNozzo all the way), but I haven't gotten into the posting over there, because some of the people on those boards are just plain scary and reaching the levels of harassment. *shiver* This has moved far past just being a healthy debate between the two sides of shippers/fans.

Although I am an avid slasher, I am also a fan of het sometimes (Abby/McGee, Ziva/McGee--but not lately, since I hate what Ziva's character has become lately, and now possibly Ziva/Vance *grin*). Though I'm a Morgan/Reid shipper for Criminal Minds, I'm also a JJ/Will, Prentiss/Rossi, and Garcia/Kevin fan. And I actually can't see any slash on Lost--I'm a Juliet/Sawyer, Charlie/Claire, and Jin/Sun fan all the way for that show. Until I got into NCIS, I was only a het fan actually--Buffy/Angel, Mulder/Scully, Luke/Lorelai, Rory/Logan, Clark/Chloe, Max/Logan, just to name a few.

Once I saw a rerun of Dark Angel one night, I fell in love with Michael Weatherly and began watching NCIS. When I found Mark Harmon also on the show, I knew it was fate--huge fan of him since I was really young--Chicago Hope and St. Elsewhere=the best! The first episode I watched was Missing (I started with the best of DiNozzo episodes), and immediately saw the slashy-ness of the Gibbs and DiNozzo, no questions asked, nothing previously read about the characters/fandom. Then I watched all four seasons available within a week or so.

I never saw anything besides brother/sister between Tony and Kate and admittedly, have always been against Ziva being on the team. However, I'm not against Tiva just because I think Tony and Gibbs belong together *grin* because honestly, I know my OTP will never happen on the show, and for that, I'm glad. I've always viewed NCIS as a crime drama show, not a soap opera or a WB/CW/whatever it is now, show. That's also why I hated the whole Tony/Jeanne and Gibbs/Mann arc. They focused on those relationships too much in my opinion. When Abby and McGee were together or whatever they were in the early episodes, it was almost all off-screen. If it was talked about, it was maybe a line or two, maybe a minute at most. I liked that. It made it so much better in my opinion. And I love how they are now (though I think Abby's character needs some stronger writing next season)--the kiss in Cloak (was that the episode?), Abby missing McGee when he was in LA, her worry when he was in that prison, etc.

I could never see Tiva--and that's just in the context of the show. She shows up, no one is really sure about who she's loyal to, and then suddenly, she's a member of the team? She deliberately leaves Tony out of the team dinner she had (I'm sure Tiva fans see that as her wanting a private candlelit dinner with him which takes place in her bed), she downplays his wounds (Boxed In, anyone?), and her behavior in the last few episodes of season 6 is just appalling, if you ask me. I tried to like her character, mostly because I am impressed with her background--assassin, spy, Mossad, etc. However, how she handled the Michael Rivkin incidents? She kept vital information from NCIS, she left in the middle of cases to go to lunch and watch him drink, she knows that NCIS has ordered him to return to Israel, but goes home to sleep with him anyway, and she calls Tony a liar about the fight from Semper Fidelis. Her ultimatum to Gibbs? I've read some Ziva fans read it as, Gibbs knew that she wanted to stay in Israel and had business to do there, so he "chose" Tony. Okay, here are my problems with this: Gibbs does not do well with ultimatums. Tony has been working with him going on 8 years now. Did anyone really think he would choose Ziva, someone he initially didn't want on his team, someone who has been working with him for only 4 years now, and someone whose loyalty he is not sure about, versus Tony, someone who he picked for his team (we can assume), someone who has worked with him for 8 years, and someone who he trusts and has proven over and over again to be loyal to NCIS? Also, according to Vance, it was at Eli David's orders that Ziva killed Ari to earn Gibbs' trust. Now, I'm not quite sure we can believe Vance (I'm still iffy about that guy, like him sometimes, want him gone others, and I honestly am beyond confused about the whole "is he Vance or isn't he?" debate), but if he is telling the truth...that will change *a lot*. Now, even though I'm pissed as hell at Ziva right now for how she's been acting, not just in terms of the whole love triangle, but as an officer in general, I am concerned for her safety--tortured in Africa? I do want someone to rescue her, but at the same time, I don't want it to be NCIS, who then welcomes her home with open arms. I don't want Gibbs to suddenly forget about how she said she can't trust Tony/NCIS and be like, "oh, come back to our team."

Also, I hope next season has more competent!Tony, competent/not immature Abby, competent!McGee (but not arrogant), answers to the Vance questions, and a new team member. I'm over this whole Ziva on the team angle. They can't just re-incorporate her in, especially after Aliyah. And more Ducky and Palmer! Poor Palmer needs a love interest--they wouldn't be shown really, but everyone would know because he would walk around all lovestruck and happy and such. He really got the short straw with the whole Michelle Lee debacle.
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From: [personal profile] tejas

What you said. :-)

Yeah, I don't *get* some of the Tony/Ziva folks' 'arguments' and I *really* don't get the defensiveness. Did you see the poll Xanthe put up the other day? "What's your favorite ship"? Gibbs/DiNozzo is far and away in the lead. Some of the Tony/Ziva people are *shocked*. They really thought they had a lock on the fandom. I've been *very* impressed with some of them over there because they've come to realize that pushing any one ship between major characters in *canon* is just asking for trouble.

And then there are the wackos posting hatred, attacking and *threatening* other fans. Some very scary folks.


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