WARNING WARNING: Here be spoilers for tonight.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! HOTCH! Aww. That was Foyett, right? (sp?) I need to go rewatch "Omnivore" (? right episode, correct?) because I definitely do not remember any mentioning of a deal in that episode. Or was he the one who left the message in the paper or something that if the police stopped looking for him, he'd stop killing? Oh, so now that makes sense. But Hotch can't be dead. Who's going to head the BAU if he is? Morgan has the most consecutive time (7 years) but Rossi has the seniority I think?

Now for tonight's unsubs. Those brothers were creepy. Damn. Before the episode, I was definitely thinking, the victims are being fed to the pigs. Definitely didn't think that the pigs were then being eaten. Some crazy cycle of cannibalism in a way.

Reid--oh, my boy was so cute, especially the scene in the barn between him and Hotch. He seemed so unsure when Hotch asked if Lucas would be violent when they found him. And when he said he had a bad feeling about the end of the case? I immediately started worrying for either him or Hotch.
Garcia in the field--I absolutely *love* when she's with the team in the field, even though it has only happened during the worst of the cases ("Revelations," "Lo-Fi"/"Mayhem," and now these). I always feel so bad for her because she always seems to find the worst videos on the laptops (all of the murders from "The Big Game," then Reid being tortured in "Revelations," and now the experiments).
Hotch--oh, my poor Chief. Although I have to say part of me disliked it because of the last moments, I immediately was going, "oh, poor Hotch" as soon as they showed him at home. But at the same time, I have to admit I loved him in this episode. I also found it slightly amusing that he and Reid still looked all formal in their ties at the farm while Rossi had unbuttoned the top button of his shirt and Morgan never wears a suit. And everything he said/thought about his team when they got back to the BAU after the case? LOVED IT. Can someone transcribe it for me? Or I'll probably do it once I rewatch the episodes later and will put it here if anyone wants it.
Foyett--Although I have to hate him for going after Hotch (can't say ki--can't say sho--can't say it, he's fine, he's alive and well), I thought he was one of the best unsubs of this season. I was definitely impressed by him. But god, how dare you go after *my* Hotch!!

Morgan--he seemed slightly OC to me. Him leaving the farm like that (though I understand) and he seemed somewhat cold to me when he gave William (was that his name?) his dog tags back. Maybe I'm wrong. Oh well.
The end of the case--it seemed like it was wrapped up too quickly, I don't know. I also thought that someone should've removed William (let's just go with that for his name for now) from the farm as soon as they found his tags and knew his sister was dead. Leaving him there was irresponsible in my opinion. He should have been taken back to the police station or somewhere *anywhere* else.

Will post my reactions to the NCIS finale "Aliyah" once I rewatch it and jot down some notes as I watch.
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